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Top » Catalog » PRODUCT CATEGORIES » MFJ PRODUCTS » MFJ-1026 » MFJ-1026 Noise Canceling/Signal Enhancers. Free Shipping.
MFJ Noise Canceling Signal Enhancers are designed to reduce noise or interference, or improve desired signals, before the noise affects sensitive receiver circuits. Unlike conventional noise blankers, these units can be effective on all types of noise (QRN), as well as on interference (QRM) from unwanted signals. From the Broadcast Band to low VHF, these Noise Canceling Signal Enhancers work on all signal modes and can transform difficult receiving situations so you can finally hear, work, and log that rare DX!

MFJ Noise Canceling Signal Enhancers allow the user to adjust both phase and amplitude while combining antenna inputs. One of two antenna inputs may be connected to the transmit antenna, and the other to an external receive antenna or the internal whip antenna on the model MFJ-1026. Or both inputs may be used with identical receive antennas to create various directional patterns for optimum results. The signal output to the receiver or transceiver is the vector addition or subtraction of signals from two separate antennas, balanced and phased. This allows unwanted noise to be removed or desired signals to be enhanced.

Some other phasing systems provide either a limited phase adjustment range or change the signal's level as phase is adjusted. These MFJ units feature exceptional phase amplitude flatness making adjustments easy. Null out interfering signals or peak desired signals with the adjustment of a few controls, and pull in that station you want to hear.

MFJ Noise Canceling Signal Enhancers are optimized over the range of 1.8 to 30 MHz and contain the interface circuitry necessary for operation with most modern HF transceivers. Although these signal enhancers contain internal RF sensing for T/R (transmit-receive) switching, we strongly recommend the use of the external T/R control connector on the rear panel for keying. These units run on 12 Vdc or 110 Vac with an optional adapter, sold separately.


* Frequency Range:1.8-30 MHz
* AM Broadcast Band Coverage:No
* Total Phase Rotation:Approx. 290 degrees
* Precision Resettable Controls:No
* Phase Reversal Switch:Yes
* Receive Antenna Power Input:No
* Receive Antenna Feedline Power Output:No
* Receive Antenna Power Keying Input:No
* Active Receive Verticals Included:No
* Unit Attachable Indoor Whip:Yes
* Unit Width:6.500 in.
* Unit Height:1.500 in.
* Unit Depth:6.250 in.
* Weight:1.800 lbs.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 September, 2017.
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