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Top » Catalog » PRODUCT CATEGORIES » ANTENNA TUNERS » MFJ-994B » MFJ-994B 600 Watt Automatic Tuner. Free S/H
MFJ-994B 600 Watt Automatic Tuner with 3 Year Warranty.

MFJ 994B 600 Watt Automatic antenna tuners let you rapidly tune any antenna automatically--unbalanced or single-wire (or balanced, with an external balun). They may be operated at a remote distance through a 9-pin to 9-pin computer cable using the MFJ remote control unit. MFJ's exclusive InstantRecall™, IntelliTune™, and AdaptiveSearch™ algorithms give you fast, automatic tuning with more than 20,000 non-volatile VirtualAntenna™ memories. There are four banks of memory, and each memory bank has over 2,500 non-volatile memories for tuner settings. These tuners include a highly efficient switching L-network with wide matching capabilities, 1.8 to 30 MHz coverage, cross-needle power meters, a port for an accessory remote control, a radio interface port, and heavy-duty 16 amp/1,000 V relays. They are rated at 600 watts PEP SSB and 600 watts CW. A maximum of 192 values of inductance and 192 values of capacitance are available. With the inductance switched between the input and output side, this provides a total of 73,728 L/C tuning combinations. The nominal tuning ranges are 0 to 17 microhenry and 0 to 2,950 pF. All MFJ IntelliTuners™ learn and remember. When you transmit, they automatically adjust for minimum SWR and remember the frequency and tuner settings, which are safely stored in non-volatile memory. The next time you operate on that frequency (or close to it) and antenna, these tuner settings are instantly restored and you're ready to operate in milliseconds. There are four banks of memory, which can learn and remember more than 2,500 frequencies and tuner settings per bank.

Features include:

* Automatically match antennas with impedance of 12 to 800 ohms
* Handle 600 watts PEP SSB/600 watts CW
* Tune in less than 15 seconds, usually less than 5 seconds
* Over 10,000 non-volatile memories for tuner settings
* Highly efficient switching L-network matching circuit
* 1.8 to 30 MHz continuous frequency coverage
* Adjustable target SWR 1.5 to 2.0
* Adjustable SWR threshold 0.5, 1.0, or 1.5
* Lighted cross-needle SWR/wattmeter with high, low, and auto range options
* Built-in frequency counter
* SO-239 coax fed antenna connector
* Connector for random wire or single wire antennas
* Optional remote control
* Optional radio interface for compatible radios
* Requires 12 Vdc at less than 1 amp for operation

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 07 January, 2016.
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