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Lido LM-802 Heavy Duty Cup Holder Mobile Radio mount w/ EXP/AMPS

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This is a heavy-duty car cup holder mounting pedestal than the LM-801EXP Model that replaces, upgrades, or adds to an existing pedestal and is compatible with Lido's Dual-T holders and adapter plates, (sold separately). It fits easily into car or truck cup holders and can expand up to 3.5 inches in diameter.

* Heavy-duty, very stable cup holder mount for large, heavy remote display heads or even your cell phone using the appropriate device holder
* Turning the base knob expands the base to fit snugly inside most cup holders
* Height: 9.5" The arm is adjustable and rotates so you can choose the best viewing angle. 4 hole LM-2T AMPS adapter plate included
* Extend the height of the arm another 4.5" by adding the optional LMRX sold separately You will need the remote head kit for your particular radio, then attach that kit to the LM-802 using the LM-2T 4-hole AMPS plate. If the holes on your radios remote kit do not match up perfectly, you may need to alter the hole pattern by drilling new holes in your remote bracket to match the hole pattern on the AMPS plate.

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