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Comet CAA-500MARKII SWR/Impedance Antenna Analyzer

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CAA-500 MarkII
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Comet CAA-500 Mark II antenna analyzer is a professional class instrument for measuring SWR, resonance and impedance. It features a highly sensitive, high precision Yokogawa meter for measurement accuracy in 35 ranges covering 1.8 to 500 MHz. Impedance is 12.5 to 300 Ohms. VSWR 1:1 to infinity. Digital readout accurate to 1 kHz.


* Auto band sweep function: Switch to the amateur band of choice and press the
"Sweep Center" button. The chosen band is swept and the SWR graphed in seconds.
* Manual band sweep function: Choose the band, the center frequency, and the bandwidth and manually sweep the frequency range.
* Multiple manual sweeps: The graph will overlay manual sweeps in 5 different colors. Make antenna length, position, height above ground, gamma match adjustments etc., and graph each adjustment in seconds without losing the previous graph!
* SO-239 connector for 1.8-300 MHz range
* Type-N connector for 300-500 MHz range
* 8-16 VDC external power or 6 AA Alkaline batteries (up to 10 hours of operation) or use Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) cells
* Built-in trickle charger (for NiMH batteries, only)
* Battery indicator
* External power cable and 2.5mm DC plug included
* Selectable auto-power off
* Includes a Soft case

one year warranty from date of purchase

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