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DC Power Strips

  • MFJ-1106 - PowerPole Distribution Block, Seven Anderson Connectors, One Input, Six Outputs, up to 30 Amps

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  • MFJ-1118 Deluxe High-Current DC Power Outlet, All Binding Posts, 35 A High Current Maximum

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  • MFJ-1116 Deluxe Multiple DC Power Outlet Strip, 8 Heavy Duty Binding Posts, 15 A Max, Built-In 25 V Voltmeter

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  • MFJ-1104 PowerPole Distribution Block, Four Connectors, One Input, Three Outputs, up to 30 A, Open Fuse Indicator

  • MFJ-1126 - Multiple DC Power Outlet, 8-Outlet Strip, 8 pairs of PowerPoles Connectors, 40 A High Current Max, Fuses

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