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ALPHA DELTA Model DX-A 160-80-40 Meter Twin Sloper Wire Antenna

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The Alpha Delta DX-A is an 160m, 80m and 40m - 1/4 twin slope trap antenna.This antenna combines the tremendous DX firepower of the 1/4-wave slope with the wide bandwidth of the 1/2-wave dipole. One leg is 67 ft long and the other is 60 ft long.

Wire Antenna Band - Wire Antenna Frequency

160 meters - 1.8 MHz
80 meters - 3.5 MHz
40 meters - 7.0 MHz

Product(s) may be returned for warranty service within 6 months of the original ship date (as shown on the original invoice copy) to the customer if purchased direct from Alpha Delta, or the ship date from Alpha Delta to the authorized dealer/reseller if purchased through that source, only if the product has not been modified, opened or subjected to abnormal wear or abuse, and it has been determined that the problem is the result of a manufacturing error or defect. Note: Wire antennas may not be returned under any conditions.

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