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M2 - 2M - 3SS, 2 Meter (144-148 MHz) Ham Radio Yagi Antenna, 3 ele

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M2 Antennas 2M3SS 2 Meter Yagi Antennas are rear mount, 3 element beams for any operator to work into more 2 meter repeaters, or for the simplex FM enthusiast who wants to talk directly to more stations than is possible with a base vertical.

New licensed hams will find the 2M3SS beams to be a great low cost, medium performance starter antenna choice that does not compromise quality. Their single heavy duty mounting cradle and stainless steel hardware give you the confidence of quality construction you have come to expect from M2.

Built with size and portability in mind, these 37 in. boom antennas are great for Field Days, Mountain Topping, Fox Hunts and DXpedition use. They break down to no more than 37 in. long, making them the natural choice for trips that include 2 meter operations.
Frequency Range:                     144 to 148 MHz (2 meters)
* Gain:                                        8.3 dBi
Front to Back:                             20 dB Typical
Beam width:                                E = 60 degrees, H = 70 degrees
Feed Type:                                 Gamma Match
Feed impedance:                       50 ohms, unbalanced
Maximum VSWR:                      1:5:1
Input Connector:                        SO-239
Power Handling:                        0.5 kW
Boom length / Dia:                    37 Inches  / 1 Inch
Maximum Element Length:       40 Inches
Turning Radius:                         41 Inches
Stacking Distance:                    58 Inches High & 74 Inches Wide
Mast Size:                                  1-1/2 to 2 Inch 
Wind Area / Survival:                 0.3 sq. ft / 100 MPH
Antenna Weight                         3 lbs. 
* Subtract 2.14 from dBi for dBd

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